This is a Raya Griswald. Raya was a shy, sweet, very book smart girl. She never really said much and didn’t like confrontation but as she grew older and her life changed in an instance; she began to match those changes with a childish attitude towards life and everyone else.

This is Annabell Lee. She was adopted by her mother as an infant and raised super girly. She has a little brother that she rarely sees any more because he hangs out with Dirk’s little brother all the time. Somewhere you won’t find her anywhere near is the Camobell residence, for reasons you’ll soon discover. As she aged, she outgrew her old style and is trying to find herself. She’s Raya’s confidant and best friend forever.

The infamous Dirk Campbell. He brings trouble wherever he goes. He’s a cutie on the outside and a bit of jerk on the inside. He was once Raya’s friend, but now her goal for revenge. He wronged Raya in a way she can never forgive, or chooses not to. He might have strong feelings for someone.

Teen EricaErica Spellman, the main reason behind Raya’s incident. Dirk’s ex girlfriend and co-conspirator. She’s not a pleasant person. She’s jealous and petty and has an obsession with picking on Raya.