Hi! I’m Deonree. I’m sentionaltragedy on wordpress. I have another blog on here called Bad Sims 3 Gameplay. It’s basically me telling you what happens in my game while I give slight instruction to my sims. This story is going to be different. It’s narrative based. It’ll be my first ever attempt at a real sim story.

The story follows Raya Griswald as she explores her more risque and seductive side after being dubbed the “loser” at her former high school. Her plan is to leave her past behind and make a name for herself by becoming everything the most popular guy in high school wanted. Everything he hurt her for. What’s in store for Raya as she adds notches to her belt? Will she leave her childish self behind and settle down or continue putting names in her little black book?


Site picture credited to my friend Mani. Thank you, friend!

Shout out to my friend Dani for jumping on as editor to my future chapters (starting from chapter 6). Thanks, homie!