7 thoughts on “Chapter 8: American Idiot

  1. So this is the awful prom night? Woah. A bet, really? But Dirk started saying stuff liked he somehow…wanted to explain? Or didn’t he have anything to say anyway? I feel so bad for poor Raya, she didn’t deserve this.

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  2. What?! That b%#£$!! Not only did she bet on Raya, she also had to humiliate her in front of all of her classmates too! And Dirk! Please grow some spine man, how could you let things escalate like that (not to mention he agreed to bet on a person who used to be his friend)? Poor Raya… 😦

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  3. *shakes head* At least no animal blood was involved. But still… Bloody cruel, Erica. I can see how something like this could break Raya and make her jaded. Dirk better have a good explanation for this or I… er… Raya… shall never forgive him!

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