8 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Loved You First

  1. I wonder what’s about to happen with this Dirk. He’s so unpredictable. What are the possible advantages of dating Raya? I wonder why he suddenly wanted her as his girl and not just a friend to laugh at. She fell for him way too easily and I can see why she’ll later be sorry.

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    1. Raya was such an innocent and naive girl. She was also sweet and tried to see the best in people. Plus she was super smart. Only time can tell to see ehat Dirk has in store for her. I might (like waaaaaay later) make some chapters of these events from Dirk’s perspective.

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  2. Oh, Dirk has probably some shady hidden agenda and that’s maybe why he decided to date Raya? Is it a bet?
    I was glad when he stood up for her to Erica but I’m afraid that he’s going to be so much worse later to Raya..! 😦


  3. I keep wondering if he actually feels anything genuine for her. It’s hard to tell. Or is it just some sort of bet? Some dare? It would suck if it were so.

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