7 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Grow Up and Be Kids

  1. That was harsh. That Dirk really is a jerk of a kind . It was a miracle really that he let Raya be his friend without so much hatred as he had for Annie. I wonder what makes him so mean-spirited. And so they got back together in high school, presumably as a couple? I really like this story, very interesting. Sometimes when I look at them playing it makes me reminisce Maddie and Freddie…not that Freddie was ever that mean, but still. I really like your idea for this.

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  2. Oh, that Dirk is so mean and rude! I wonder if in later years something happens between him and Annabelle and that’s one of the reasons Raya feels so hurt… they seem to have a weird kind of chemistry. Or I could be imagining things! πŸ™„ Anyway, this story is getting really interesting, I really want to find out more about them! πŸ™‚

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