8 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Grow Up and Be Kids

  1. That was harsh. That Dirk really is a jerk of a kind . It was a miracle really that he let Raya be his friend without so much hatred as he had for Annie. I wonder what makes him so mean-spirited. And so they got back together in high school, presumably as a couple? I really like this story, very interesting. Sometimes when I look at them playing it makes me reminisce Maddie and Freddie…not that Freddie was ever that mean, but still. I really like your idea for this.

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  2. Oh, that Dirk is so mean and rude! I wonder if in later years something happens between him and Annabelle and that’s one of the reasons Raya feels so hurt… they seem to have a weird kind of chemistry. Or I could be imagining things! πŸ™„ Anyway, this story is getting really interesting, I really want to find out more about them! πŸ™‚

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  3. Kid’s mean. Wonder what Dirk’s issues are. His father seemed nice enough last chapter, but well… kids can be quite mean no matter what. Sorry that Annabell experienced that. Even sorrier that Raya was put in that spot. Smh…

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