12 thoughts on “Chapter 1: When the Day Met the Night

  1. I like the beginning to this story. Dirk seems pretty rude and we know this didn’t end well for Raya (or Raraya as he calls her), but I guess he must have grown to be a bit more nice since I can’t really believe how she would want to spend her time with such an unpleasant person (seriously, I sometimes don’t even get Gemma’s attraction to Tony). This story is pretty interesting already, keep it up πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! Dirk is kind of a jerk. Lol, but I don’t want to spoil anything! I think the attraction thing with Raya and Gemma is the looks. Like how some people are hot total jerks at the same time. I think Raya sees more than Dirk’s mean side though.

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  2. Oh, puppy love. 😦 You’re writing is really good. I especially like the line about the leaf being blown by the wind and blown his direction. That was a nice metaphor. Raya has a really mature voice for a child. Or are you writing from the perspective of a teen/YA Raya remembering her childhood?

    Either way, I’m interested to see where this is going (and kinda sad that you might not continue).

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    1. Thank you! It’s really nice hearing that. My writing used to be so much better and because I lost my save file for this game and my writing feeling subpar (to me) I’m not going to continue until my writing gets to a level that I feel it should be at. Also, you shall see!

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      1. I see… I definitely understand. We writers can be such perfectionists when it comes to our craft. I’m glad you put your work out there. Progress, not perfection, I say.

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