18 thoughts on “Prologue: All I Wanted Was You

  1. This is a good start! 🙂 I’m really interested to see how their relationship was and where it all went wrong. Maybe by the time she’s told her story, she won’t need revenge. I guess we’ll see. 😀

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  2. Really interesting start. I saw your latest post saying that you may not continue this, but I figured I’d catch up anyway in case you decide to continue at some point. 🙂 Also, seeing the comments, I’m wondering why you’re getting a new hard drive?

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      1. I was literally about to and then I woke up to all of it gone. The only thing I have is the Harpinger family after the girls come back home. So a lot of stuff isn’t there. I just need to get this hard drive soon so I can play and update my blog. But anyway, thanks for reading and commenting it’s been making my day!

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